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  • Display: Dual displays: 3.2-inch primary, 1.3-inch external
  • Battery: 1500mAh Li-Ion
  • Camera: Single VGA with LED flash
  • Operating System: Feature OS
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE, Dual SIM,
  • Durability:  IP52 dust and water resistant
  • Processor: Unisoc SC9863A
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Storage: 128MB (expandable up to 256GB)
  • Colors: Gray, Blue, Red, Lush Green, Pop Pink
  • N/B: Prices subject to change without notice.
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Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Price in Kenya

Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Price in Kenya is Ksh 9,499 at Digital Phones Kenya. The Nokia 2660 Flip 4G, released in 2023, caters to users seeking a classic flip phone experience with a touch of modern connectivity. But how well does it blend the past with the present? This review delves into the phone’s various aspects to help you decide if it aligns with your needs.

Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Review


The 2660 Flip 4G embraces a classic clamshell design, reminiscent of feature phones from the past. The phone feels comfortable to hold and is compact enough to slip easily into a pocket or bag. It comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of sophistication. While the design might not appeal to users seeking a large touchscreen experience, it offers a nostalgic charm for those who appreciate the simplicity of flip phones.


The 2660 Flip 4G prioritizes durability, featuring a sturdy plastic build that can withstand everyday bumps and scratches. The phone also boasts IP52 dust and water resistance, providing protection against light splashes and dust ingress. This makes it a suitable option for users who require a reliable phone for everyday use.


The phone lives up to its name by offering 4G LTE connectivity, allowing users to stay connected on the go. It also supports basic calling and texting functionalities. However, it lacks features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet browsing, which might be dealbreakers for users who rely on these functionalities.

Processor, RAM, and Storage

The 2660 Flip 4G is equipped with a Unisoc SC9863A processor and 128MB of RAM. While these specifications might seem modest by modern smartphone standards, they are sufficient for handling basic tasks like calling, texting, and using the phone’s built-in features like the calendar and calculator. The phone comes with 128MB of internal storage, which is primarily used for storing contacts and messages.


The 2660 Flip 4G packs a 1500mAh battery, offering exceptional standby time and reliable battery life. You can expect to go several days on a single charge with moderate usage, making it a convenient option for users who value extended battery life.

Operating System

The 2660 Flip 4G runs a proprietary feature operating system, offering a user interface designed for ease of use. This simple interface prioritizes essential functionalities like calling, texting, and accessing the phone’s basic features. Users accustomed to modern smartphone operating systems might find the interface limited, but it prioritizes simplicity and ease of use.


The phone features two displays: a 3.2-inch primary display when flipped open and a smaller 1.3-inch external display when closed. The primary display offers decent viewing for basic tasks like reading messages and navigating menus. The external display allows you to see notifications and caller ID without opening the phone.


The Nokia 2660 Flip 4G caters to users seeking a reliable and classic phone experience with the added benefit of 4G connectivity. Its durable build, long-lasting battery life, and user-friendly interface make it a suitable option for those who prioritize basic communication functionalities over the extensive features offered by modern smartphones. However, users who require features like Wi-Fi, internet browsing, and advanced multimedia capabilities might find this phone limiting. Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual needs and priorities.


Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Unboxing

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